Pollution is Bad For The Environment

Guanabara bay polution

Pollution is a global issue that we need to solve. It is bad for the environment. People need to care for their environment.

Pollution is in the air, soil,and water. Water pollution is dangerous to drink from if it’s dirty because of chemicals. Water pollution is dangerous for Animals that drink it because they could die or get sick.

Air pollution is in the air. Air pollution is dangerous because it can cause breathing problems for animals and that could cause deaths. Air pollution could destroy plants with all the gases in the air.

Soil pollution is dangerous because it could contaminate the water. Soil needs to be clean because when you plant food or plants they won’t be able to grow healthy. Soil is bad for the environment.

We need to keep our environment clean and safe. We need to treat the environment good.




Monopoly was invented by Charles Darrow. It was invented in 1935. Several people, mostly in the Midwestern United States and near the East Coast, contributed to the game’s design and evolution. It was invented By 1933, a variation on “The Landlord’s Game” called Monopoly was the basis of the board game sold by Parker Brothers, beginning on February 6,1935.

Burmese Pythons

Do you think Burmese Pythons are changing the Everglades? Burmese Pythons are changing the Everglades by killing local ecosystems and attract people.

Firstly Burmese Pythons are wiping out population of animals. With no natural predators these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of possum, raccoons and bobcats as well as many bird species.

Secondly people get rid of pythons when they get to big. When peoples pythons get to big the owners just get rid of them in the most irresponsible fashion. They let them go into the Everglades or some wild area. People act irresponsible with Burmese Pythons.

Thirdly this man made event is hurting the ecosystem. We must do a better job at educating people about the effect their colleagues actions have on the ecosystem here in Florida and around the world. People need to be more responsible with pythons.

Lastly this is how pythons act and look like. Burmese Pythons are 23 feet and weigh up to 200 pounds. To kill there prey they first grasp it with there back curving teeth. Pythons can be fierce animals. They can move very Fast when chasing there prey.

If you don’t have a Burmese Python you won’t know how they interact. They also won’t know what they look like.

In conclusion Burmese pythons are changing the environment. They are also changing the Everglades by killing local ecosystems and attract people.

Argumentative Essay

What if you could own land in space? You could make money owning land in space. People should have the right to own land in space.

People could make a lot of money from minerals. According to the newspaper called “Can you own land in outer space” it said “there may be valuable minerals in space”. The people that own land in space could find minerals and sell them.

Private companies could build permanent settlements on the moon. According to the newspaper “can you own land in space federal legislations would allow private companies to build and finnace on the moon”. People could build certain things on the moon.

Once there is a lot of people in space the cost of space travel will go down half a million dollars according to the biography called “Private space flight pioneer”. They are building prototype rockets for the mission.

If you don’t own land in space you could loose money. Secondly you would have no experience in space.

People should have the right to build and finnace on the moon.

Superhero Poems


He gives me courage

So I can achieve my goal

He coaches me like a dog

Free Verse-best friend

Life would not be the same

Without someone like you

Your there when I need you

To help me through


L oud

u  nique

k nowlegable

e pic

Couplet-family members

He helps me study for my tests

So I can do my best

So I don’t get stressed

I’m on a quest

to finish this test

Ode-basketball player

Dribbling down the court

Racing to the basket

Jumping leaping stretching

The ball is in the air

The ball drops like its slow motion



Do you think kids should get paid for doing chores? However there is a disagreement about whether or not kids should get paid for doing chores. To begin with I think kids shouldn’t get paid for doing chores because mom and dad don’t get paid for doing chores around the house. They buy you food and everything so you should be able to do a simple chore.

First of all mom and dad don’t get paid for doing chores around the house. They get there money by working hard. If nobody did chores the house would be filthy. 28% of kids do chores so the house stays clean. They do a lot for us like buying us clothes. They also feed us everyday so we should be able to do a chore for them.

Although kids think getting paid for chores is a good idea because they will learn to manage there money. They also think getting paid for chores is good because they will learn to organize there time better so they can do the chores. Kids shouldn’t get paid for chores because it is part of family life. Kids shouldn’t get paid for doing chores because they will waist there money buying stuff they don’t need.

In conclusion kids shouldn’t get paid for doing chores because mom and dad don’t get paid for doing the laundry. The house would be dirty if there was nobody doing chores. Doing chores is apart of family life.

Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina was one of the most deadliest hurricanes in US history. It took place in the early morning on August 29, 2005. Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hurricane Katrina struck the state of Louisiana.

The long and short term effects were devastating. The long term effects include buildings getting destroyed, houses were destroyed and roads were destroyed. The short term effects were just as bad. Phone lines were destroyed and flooding was everywere.

Goverment and community agencies helped people find shelter for the people that couldn’t fly out of the state and for people that didnt have cars. They took the people downtown and provided shelter in a superdome.

They warned the public to evacuate before the storm hit. “More than 80% of the population was gone before the storm hit”.

In conclusion this natural diasaster was devastating. There were many long and short term effects. The goverment agencies provided shelter.

Student Bloging Challenge Activity 1


Pizza is a popular food in my country.Pizza is a flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats and vegetables. Raffaele Esposito invented the food called pizza. Pizza was invented in 1889.


Why I Choose This Background for my Blog

I choose the skeleton gif background because it looked dark and scary, the perfect theme for Halloween. I like this background because it was unique and cool. I liked the red glowing eyes on the skeleton. I also like how the bony skeletal hand comes out of the ground and reaches out to grab at you. I found this gif named “Memories of a Madman” at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/479563060294653911/


The Sleepy Hollow Part 2

Once upon a time there was a girl named Katrina. She was walking on the streets and found a guy named Brom. They looked at each other and they said they looked familiar. Brom invites Katrina into his house and Katrina said no. Katrina left the house and went to her place. Katrina was walking home and she found out that Ichabod was the headless horseman.

They found Katrina’s grand daughter Suzie. When Suzie went into Katrina’s house Katrina showed Suzie around “Suzie said nice place”. Ichabod knocked on the door and Suzie opened the door and Suziabod said hi. Suzie started talking to Ichabod they started to get to know each other. Ichabod fell in love with Suzie. Ichabod kidnapped Suzie and took her to her house. Suzie was screaming for help. Ichabod had a smile on her face because her plan was working. While Suzie was calling for help no one heard her.

Suzie was in Ichabods house crying and screaming. Suzie was scared and wanted someone to help her. She was begging on her knees to be let go. As she was screaming for help Brom heard something from Ichabods house. He broke the door down and went to Suzie and untied her. When Ichabod came up the stairs she saw Suzie untied. Brom asked Ichabod why she kidnapped her and Ichabod was silent. Brom picked up Ichabod and threw her down the stairs. She was loosing so much blood she died.

Brom took Suzie back to her house. Suzie asked Brom If he would go to Katrina’s grave and Brom said yes. Brom went to his house and went to sleep. When Suzie walked into her house everything was moving. She thought she had ghosts in her house. She went to bed too see if it would stop. When she woke up all her stuff was on the ground. Brom and Suzie went to Katrina’s grave grave and said good bye to each other. Suzie found out that her ghosts were gone and lived happily ever after.